Oeno Motion Black & Wood Wine Opener


Opening wine bottles should be easy and fun! Look no further than the sleek and sophisticate Oeno Motion Black & Wood Wine Opener.  Oeno Motion®. The compact vertical-lever corkscrew was designed to ensure the quick and easy uncorking of wine bottles. Secure and comfortable grip. Fits most of the existing bottle necks. Integrated foil cutter. Spare spiral in treated steel....

Olivewood Wine Bottle Coaster


Mediterranean Chic. This artisanal, olivewood coaster will elevate any setting while defending your table. A subtly graceful presence, it’s a touch of old-world, from its distinctive patterning to its warm and velvety finish. This heirloom-in-waiting will become even more stunning with age as it deepens in color. Details: 100% olivewood Sustainably harvested wood Food grade Naturally antibacterial Each coaster has...

"Grapevine" Lady Wooden Watch


The "Grapevine" Lady Wooden watch is the ideal gift for women with a love for distinctive design and a penchant for wine. The dial size with 30 mm dial and silver detailing are eye-catching.  This Barrique masterpiece inherited its name from grapevines and is a time piece for women with exquisite taste. The strap is hand-crafted from oak wood that...

"Chardonnay" Barriquewood Watch / Silver


The Barrique "Chardonnay" timepiece is a true testament to our attention to detail, offering a practical, but stylish design. A vibrant red second hand stands in contrast to a light background, symbolizing the balance between red and white wine. The strap and lug are crafted from oak wood wine barrels used in French and Austrian wineries. These barrels have been...

"Merlot" Barriquewood Watch / Dark Blue


This exquisite Barrique watch is an eye-catcher with a unique story. In its previous life, the wood used for the strap and lug was an oak wine barrel used in both France and Austria. Back then, the oak wood's task was to mature wines into masterpieces with distinctive flavors. Today, the barrel itself rather than its contents is the center...

Soft Machine Corkscrew Rosewood


Pull the cork from your bottle in only one move! Thanks to its unique gear system, the Soft Machine Corkscrew The cork is pulled out vertically, without any torsion or effort minimizing any damage to the cork. Contains a foil cutting-blade and a bottle opener. Assembling and finishing by hand. Solid Rosewood. Design patent.

WineCountry Carry On Cocktail Kit, Moscow Mule (Set of 2)


Satisfy your cocktail cravings anywhere, anytime with the our popular WineCountry Carry On Cocktail Kit. Craft two top-shelf drinks mid-flight. Each kit includes a small-batch of ginger syrup, a 1/2 oz jigger, a travel-size bar spoon, a recipe card, and a linen coaster. Just add the hard stuff and stir. TSA Compliant and FDA Approved.

WineCountry Carry On Cocktail Kit, Old Fashioned (Set of 2)


Satisfy your cocktail cravings anywhere, anytime with the our popular WineCountry Carry On Cocktail Kit, Old Fashioned. Craft two top-shelf Old Fashioned drinks mid-flight or in your hotel room. Each kit includes a small-batch of aromatic bitters, cane sugar, a travel-size bar spoon and muddler, a recipe card, and a linen coaster. Just add the hard stuff and stir. TSA...

Cherry Wood Wine Bottle Accessory Gift Set


Beautiful inside and out, this gift box has a padded insert, so your wine tools will be held securely in place. This set includes a corkscrew, bottle stopper, pourer, and drip ring; with space for a wine bottle as well. An extravagant gift, this is an excellent present for any wine connoisseur. Cherry-stained wood Includes: corkscrew, bottle stopper, pourer &...

"Reserve" Barriquewood Chronograph Watch


This beautiful Chronograph made out of barrique French white oak is unbelievably complex, just like the taste of a fine wine. The barrels were used in French and Austrian wineries for storage and maturation. Now they are turned into extraordinary watches like this Chronograph. The details on this watch are stunning, like the luminous hands and date display.

"Riesling" Barriquewood Watch / Slate Stone


Looking for a unique gift for the wine lover in your life? The "Riesling" Barriquewood Watch has simple but sophisticate design, and of course it's timeless. This elegant piece of nature, called "Riesling", is hand-crafted from oak wood. The name and material of this timepiece give a little hint of where the "Riesling" wine is grown. A slate dial juxtaposed...

"Blanc de Noirs" Barriquewood Watch / Blue


With its elegant combination of royal blue and gold detailing, this stunningly beautiful Barrique design watch is truly unique and sure to capture attention. It's the perfect gift for ladies or gents who appreciate fine design, just like their wine. The handcrafted strap is made from oak barrels that were used for wine maturation in European wineries. Now this special...