Grand Carafe

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A modern design with classic roots, the Grand Carafe features an ingenious removable bottom system. Just twist the bottom and add ice, fruit or whatever your heart desires, close it and pour the liquid inside from the top.Grand Carafe with removable bottom system. Made of glass, stainless steel, silicone, TPR and nylon.

Cool Taste Carafe

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The perfect way to infuse your water. Simply add fruit, herbs or vegetables to the flavor spire, add the glass carafe from above and add water. Then you have the most decorative and tastiest water imaginable. What is your flavor? Let your taste creativity free.For cleaning simply remove the silicone bottom and clean. The carafe can be used without the...

Award Carafe Decanter

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Created to fit the award-winning Wine Decantiere 7-IN-1 Aerator. This slim stylish carafe presents the color of your wine in the best way through the crystal clear borosilicate body. Designed to further aerate your wine before serving or to give your bag in a box wine a prestige way from the box to the table. Features: Built-in filter Non-drip edge...

Table Tower - Aerating Wine Dispenser


The Table Tower is filled by allowing wine to pass through the "rain filter" which aerates the wine releasing the bouquet on it's way into the decanting vessel beneath. Now your guests can simply help themselves. With a little lift of the specially designed stainless steel gravity fed valve, a glass of wine is served within seconds.An elegant way to...